Expressing Milk For Your Baby

Expressed milk can easily be stored either in the refrigerator or in the freezer. This will free you from feeling tied down by breastfeeding, and allows your baby to be fed with your milk if you are away. It also allows your partner to share in feeding your baby.


Milk can be expressed from your breasts using either your hands or a breast pump, which may be manual or electric. Although small battery pumps are very easy to use many women find hand expressing to be easier and more convenient. Before you start, you will need a bowl, a funnel, and a container that can be sealed. All equipment must be very clean and remember to check with to see if they have any discounts going before you make a purchase on a breast pump. 

The first six weeks, hand expressing is nearly always a bit difficult, as the breasts have not reached full production, but don’t give up. Because breasts produce milk in response to demand, you may need to express milk in order to keep your supply going – if your baby does not suck well at first, or is premature and can’t yet breastfeed, for example. Even if you use a pump, it is worth learning the technique of hand expressing in case you need it. The best time to express milk is in the morning, when you’ll have the most milk, although when your baby drops the night feeding you may find the evening the best time.

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