Weight Loss Pills – PhenQ Review

When I was a kid, the only thing that could incite a smile on my face were sweets. Not only sweets, but anything that is sweet; from cakes to ice cream, from candy to pancakes, I didn’t really care. As long as it was sweet, I would eat it. With such fervor and such gusto that people used to gather round and watch me eat. Luckily, I inherited my late grandma’s metabolism. She is one of those old Italian ladies that always stay the same weight, no matter how much they eat and what they eat. She lived to be 96 and she never had an ounce of fat on her body. My father was a clerk his whole life and my mother was a nurse. My older sister went to college to become a doctor and I, the only son, was supposed to go to college as well and study to be a lawyer or something like that. I think my father always wanted me to be the first Italian-American president, but her never admitted this publicly. What he didn’t know was that I had decided what I am going to do when I was about four.

And I stuck with it. I had decided that I am going to have my own cake shop and there was nothing that could veer me off course. I think that I don’t need to tell you that my father was not the most excited and happy man in the world when I told him that I intend to finish high school and go to college to become a chef, from there specialize in cakes . His tantrum was worthy of an Oscar. It was like a scene in which Al Pacino really lets go and overacts like only he can. My mother tried to calm him down, but she simply couldn’t. Anyway, I managed to have my own way. I finished college and did my apprenticeship at a guy from our neighborhood who really knew his stuff. I stayed with him for three years and then I opened my own cake shop. Oh, by the way, I am not the guy from the TV. Things were going great. We soon became the place to go to in our neighborhood if you wanted to eat something sweet. Little by little, our reputation grew, as did our client list, as did our shop. However, I grew as well. Slowly but steadily. I guess my grandpa’s genes took over and I was soon reaching Paul Sorvino measures.

When I went for a physical last year, my doctor told me that I will start suffering from high blood pressure any time now and that it is a wonder I haven’t started suffering long time ago. I knew that high blood pressure ran in my family and that few of my cousins had to stop working because of their extremely high blood pressure. They worked in stressful jobs, I did as well. I didn’t want to leave my shop over to someone and I decided to lose weight immediately. A friend of mine suggested I try with PhenQ, an appetite suppressant that helped her lose twenty pounds in less than three months. I decided to give it a go because I knew what she looked like before and after taking PhenQ. It worked just as well for me, if not better. I lost more than 25 pounds in about four months, but that was not all. I also had more energy than ever before. I felt I could do as much work as two of me would just half a year before. Since I lost all that weight thanks to PhenQ, I have been eating less and less of my cakes. I managed to stay my own boss and to keep my shop under my supervision thanks to PhenQ.

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