All About Real Food Diets

Even though real food diets have been gaining in recognition, just what a "real food diet" involves depends a little bit on whom you ask. In spite of this — I'll give you the simple explanation that I use for my own diet.

Just few years ago, the need to define an actual food diet wouldn't make much sense to anyone. "Real food" was all there was. But now, it's somewhat more complicated. You can also prefer to consult Josh Axe to know how to prepare best real food diet plan. 

Eating an unprocessed diet today just isn't practically a common a1 it once was. In the U. S., in any case, our food is very much different from what it was obviously a hundred years ago. Although you can debate the pros and cons of this, our health seems to show this as a change for the worse.

The bulk of the foods we eat now comes in a package, has a lot of interesting food science to it, and is processed in multiple ways before we ingest it. Most foods in the average grocery trolley have loads of substances – most of which we can't identify or enunciate, and would not prepare with ourselves.

Almost all of our meat, dairy, and ovum come from somewhere a lot more like a factory than a farm. Being more specific, a real food diet is one based on foods that humans have eaten for thousands of years; that were elevated, processed, and prepared in traditional ways; and that are produced and allocated in a sustainable manner. 

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