How Dog Nail Clipper should be Used

For human finger nails as well as dogs nails to look good and healthy, it must be cut every 2 weeks as possible. Dogs nails produce clicking sounds on the floor when they’re too long, thus trimming them is needed. There are dog owners who avoid cutting their dogs nails as they might harm its paws. A dogs nails could be brought back to its right shape by learning the correct means of executing it.

You’ll use the best dog nail clipper, thus finding it should be on top of the list. Guillotine-style for small breed, Pliers-style for larger breed, and Scissors-style for small breadth nails are the various kinds of dog nail clippers. Prepare a styptic powder as you need to use it when you cut your dogs nails too short. It’s a great idea to have a veterinarian or dog groomer demonstrating the appropriate ways to trim a dogs nails (or read this guide for more info).

There’s a proper time when to do the clipping and you need to know it once you have the dog nail clipper on hand. When your dog is relaxing and resting in their favorite place, it’s best to trim their nails. Most favorable time would be after a meal or right after a play. It is also best to cut your dogs nails right after bathing them for they’re softer. Lastly, let your dog feel comfortable with you by softly rubbing his feet. Make sure to hold your dogs feet while the dog nail clipper is touching his nails.

Try to look for other ways if you’re having a hard time trimming your dogs nails. You could also offer treats as a reward after the clipping. Trimming your dogs nails too short is not a great idea. It is not easy to trim your dogs nails but you can see it as your bonding moment. Visit to master all you should know with regards to dog nail clippers and pet nail care.

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