Types of Historic Romantic Light Novels a Girl Can Enjoy

Whether you love romantic and light novel about pirates, vampires, princes, knights, western cowboys, or war, you can find your own world of fantasy by reading some of the great free novels online. We have listed some of the popular types of romantic novels that are related to history.

Vampire Romantic Novels

Vampires are the mysterious yet powerful creatures which have always been the part of several women’s fantasies for the years. In these light novel translations, the confusion of whether you should trust a monster and fall for him and mystery of leaving your life to the deadly will literally add fire to this romantic tale.

European Historic Stories

Be it about European Viking or pirates, you will always want to go deep in these captivating and exciting stories and travel back in time and play with your wildest dreams.

Western Cowboy Love Stories

You may often feel that there is something powerful and cool about a guy who uses guns in different ways. He has all the skills with something as delicate and passionate like a gun. He can also be a skilled lover of a woman. You may also find some of the cool cowboy romantic novels to read online for free and download from several sites.

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