Graffiti wall art: different and delusional

We all know designing has gone through the different concepts among which comes the graffiti. What actually is Graffiti wall art?

Well many people have an idea about the wall art that comes up with the different designs. But the graffiti wall art is a different as it comes with a combination of the street art and the urban art. That's what make it graffiti and it also looks different than other wall arts too. 


It is actually a different, vibrant and also confronting art genre that marks it as different art amongst the rest. These days you can easily have gritty themes running on the web that gives you a wide variety of the graffiti wall art.

  • The best thing about this art theme is that it uses different gritty themes and also bold colors that make it look appealing and different than the rest.
  • Also it has not been unnoticed when we pass down to any graffiti wall art. Graffiti is different wall art than others because
  • We use to see it as something conventional and also it displays a theme
  • Being a different genre of wall art, it carries importance and therefore it is needed that it should be different from the everyday visual experience.

The graffiti wall art is somewhat carrying another themes and it is combination of words and small objects Like figure. It will have everything starting from the tiny tags for any experiment of teenage to the protest art for any concept.

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