Various Categories of Diamond Rings

There are a variety of diamond ring designs, shapes, models that are available in the market and you can pick any one of these categories. The actual price of the diamond ring depends on many factors like the weight, color and clarity of the ring.

Australian diamond rings are getting popular these days for their exceptional designs and styles.

You can also purchase the diamond ring through online stores at reasonable prices. There are different forms of diamond rings and each ring has its unique style and design.

Classic Solitaire:

This ring comes with a single diamond placed in the center of the band. The diamond is surrounded by four or six delicate points at the corners.

Eternity Ring:

It is a symbol of eternal love; this ring is commonly gifted by the husband to his better half on a special occasion. The diamonds are placed in a continuous manner across the band.

Friendship Ring:

 This ring has a simple design; this ring is a symbol of a good relationship. The cost of the ring is quite reasonable.

Cocktail Ring:

This ring is very huge and a gemstone or diamond is placed at the center of the band. This ring is also known as cluster ring or dinner ring. This ring is specifically worn on special occasions.

So, always select ring according to the occasion and the desires of the person who is supposed to wear it.

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