Tools Used For Laying Cables

There are several kinds of tools that you need for laying cables. These tools make the process of laying cables underground easier for constructors and the telecommunication industry. Make sure these tools are used by workers licensed to work with this kind of equipment and machinery.

Below are a few tools that are frequently used for laying cables:

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1. Cable pulling machines

These machines are usually used for domestic installation of cables, projects like laying aerial, telephone lines and power cables. However, it is essential to have proper knowledge of using this machine; otherwise you should hire a professional. You can easily use this machine for inserting cables in pipes with lots of bends. There are different types of cable pulling machines. Some of them are used for domestic cables while others are used in industrial construction projects.

2. Cable grips

There are various types of cable grips. Some of them are especially designed for underground cables, domestic installation and overhead cables as well for laying optical fibre wires. These help in making the process of laying cables much easier.  

3. Ring Spooler

With the help of a spooler, you can easily reel in and out cable without any hassle. Good quality spoolers are provided with a counter which helps in counting thelength of the cable. This way you do not have to measure it separately.

These are some common tools used in all types of cable laying. Apart from these tools, cable pusher machines are frequently used in underground cable laying.

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