A Lever Actuated And Pistol Style Grease Gun

When deciding on a mechanical grease gun, the two standard options are either lever actuated or pistol or hand grip.

In general, more pressure could be obtained with a lever actuated grease gun. This is, unsurprisingly, because a lever actuated grease gun, has more leverage than a pistol grip gun does. The pistol style guns are more ergonomically friendly and easier to use.

Generally speaking, lever style firearms will create around 10,000 PSI while the pistol design will create around 7500 PSI. If you want more than 7500 PSI, of course, no additional factors will come into play and you need to find a lever style weapon. If you are able to use less than 7500 PSI, a pistol style may be for you.

Typically a pistol style gun can be actuated by you had, like a gun, while the other hand can hold the hose and coupler on the zerk fitting. Get more info about Electric linear actuators via visiting online websites.

If you’re in a tight area, you’ll have little option but to use the pistol grip rifle since you may need one hand to snake the hose to the point of lubrication and hold it there. If that is your situation, you’ll have to keep the matching cleaner to be certain that the 7500 PSI generated is enough to crack open the fitting and then lubricate the position.

If the posture is in a more open area and you don’t need the extra hand to hold the posture on the zerk fitting, the lever style gun allows for more pressure to construct and thus you will do less maintenance on the zerk fitting and dirt path.

Normally, pistol grip grease guns are more expensive than lever action firearms by roughly 30%.

As you can see, lever style firearms, create more pressure and cost significantly less than pistol action grease guns.

The big benefit to pistol grip guns is that they’re simpler and easier on the consumer than a lever actuated gun. If your program permits, they’re well worth the extra few bucks.

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