Need a boost for your TV signal? 

Buy a booster. Using your coax cable that runs from the TV, goes into a signal booster that receives from the TV antenna. Hook it up, and it will give you on-screen clarity.

If the signal from your caravan tv aerial overall is too weak, this can boost the signal to the tuner, especially if your cable is not long enough between the TV to the antenna.

Most of them have a power booter plug-set, so if the broadcast tower is far away a booster may be able to save the day.

Try an experiment with an antenna boost by turning it on and off to see what difference it makes, and in most cases, you should see a difference. 

Most boosters will operate on a 12V DC with a red indicator light, so you know it's functional. You'll do well not forget that it uses electricity so be careful only to use it when watching TV, if you leave it on overnight there's a good chance it can drain your battery 


If you are staying at a campground with cable TV, hook up the coax to the outside cable hook-up, and that will be enough, turn on and tune-in.

You can always make your antenna booster, although it's not recommended, by using a metal bucket, which is readily available from any hardware store.  No specialised equipment is needed, as the antenna booster will ensure the indoor antenna receives a stable broadcast.

Today caravan parks focus on aesthetics more and more, ensuring they look for low-lying spots with plenty of trees and scenery. This can often get in the way of TV and internet reception so if that's something that catches your eye in a brochure when you are looking where to go on your holiday, be sure to buy a booster just-in-case. 

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