Choosing The Correct Waste Oil Furnace For Your Organization

Want the advantages that waste oil furnaces supply, but not sure about how to choose the best one for your center? As you look to reap the energy cost savings and get the peace of mind that you are meeting all EPA-mandated requirements for disposal of the oil waste your organization generates.

Below are a few key considerations to consider when choosing heating oil.

Choosing The Correct Waste Oil Furnace For Your Organization

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Available Space

Because furnaces come in many different sizes and capacities, they can accommodate small or large companies. In case you've got a limited quantity of space, start looking for a heater that comes with a self-contained oil tank.

Number of Waste Oil Generated

Based on how much – or how little – waste oil your facility generates, you might have to supplement fueling your furnace with No. 2 heating oil. Before picking a heater, make sure you consult a trusted professional regarding the size which will be most economically efficient depending on the quantity of waste oil.

Availability of Funding

If the initial upfront costs to buy a waste oil furnace are deterring you from making the investment, then start looking for a manufacturer or distributor who offers financing strategies. Leasing permits you to fund all or a few of the prices of the gear – and the shipping charges as well.

Benefits of Maintenance and Manufacturer Support

As does any piece of gear, a waste oil furnace requires some amount of maintenance to operate at peak performance. There are versions available which are quite easy to keep, and for the most part, can be uninstalled in-house with appropriate instructions and attention.  

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