The Advantages Of Asphalt Pavement

Paving the driveway is generally the last thing in the mind of a homeowner or a potential homeowner, but the choices made can make a real difference on the road. Buying one that will last is generally the best choice overall.

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Typically, the three big picks for driveways are paved gravel, concrete and asphalt. Those who want practically maintenance-free driveways go with asphalt. Asphalt does not require maintenance, but it stands up well to time and maintains a good appearance when it is handled properly.

This is true for a number of reasons that include:


Asphalt generally looks cleaner and smoother than gravel. It's also a little easier to shape than concrete. A well-laid asphalt road can look as pretty as a black sheet of glass.

Value of property:

A solid road that looks great can add value to the property by increasing its eye appeal.


Asphalt is well maintained can continue to look much longer than the typical concrete and especially gravel. Since then lay down and hardened, asphalt will not need to be replaced as often as loose gravel drives will.


Asphalt is great for helping a driveway stay in pristine looking condition. Oil spills and other stains that plague gravel and concrete either just do not stick to asphalt or they are not visible. This brand of asphalt is the best choice for those who want their driveways to stay in brand new looking condition.

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