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We Discuss Churches And Possible Morals Behind Them

Well, where to start? Sure, they are the home of the religion that is most know as Christianity. Sure, they are supposed to be the ones at the top because they are the one who value morality and love and order and all that. But for us? they are the ones who started all this naming system. The males and the females and the in between. What relationship this is and that is whether it was acceptable in the church. All of that came from churches in Mooresville NC.

Well, maybe not necessarily from Mooresville but the entire Catholic church in general. But do not get us wrong, we are Catholic as well but just because we share the same belief as them does not mean that we agree with them fully.

Sometimes we think that they are just a little too much for the generation of this world. This generation in fact. Most of the horrible things that have happened in the world have some kind of religion involved too.

What do we do to make us forget about all the horrible things in the world? As well as these realizations and epiphanies that we have so masterfully and intelligently discovered? Even though it was so obvious from the beginning? Well, we distract ourselves with hobbies and by the inventions of the same humans, we mock.

Others play video games and there are others who actually make their hobby something progressive and productive. Gardening is one of them of course but not everyone is into this because the internet is now a common thing to get obsessed over. It is like whenever we are getting tired of one thing online, another equally addicting thing pops up.

And it keeps happening again and again and there is no sign of stopping it. Instead of being better and fighting back against the world. We have regressed even further back. We are not the same cavemen that huddle in caves and stare at fires anymore.

We are the cavemen that stay inside their bedrooms to get drunk over stupid things we see online. Be it videos or reading some articles and stories or hell, even watching some stupid lewd. You could barely find someone with a hobby that is actually a little productive anymore. There are those dudes that make it their hobby to build stuff.

And then they grow up and make that their job and in turn regretting it. Then there are those who like gardening too much and made that into a job too, collecting and learning about plants all through their lives. It does not sound bad, to be honest.

The point of this is that no matter what we do or what kind of path we go through and choose to go along with, it should not be based on the beliefs of other people. This is not to disrespect the Catholics but sometimes you are just far too much. You know? You ban and you insult the ones of this newer generation all thing that it is the will of God. Stop lying.