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Things You Should Never Do When Using a Winch Machine

A winch is a very versatile machine and is frequently used in industries, construction sites, factories and even at home. Most people think that operating a winch machine is a very easy task but there are some technical aspects that you should keep in mind.

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Following are some things that you should never do:

1. touch a winch cable without wearing gloves

When working with winches, always wear thick protective gloves. This is because the wire of a winch is very sharp and can cause deep cuts. Most people tend to forget wearing gloves when checking a cable winch for sale. Steel cables can be very harmful and can also tear gloves.

2. Never hold the hook of the winch cable

In most construction companies and factories, a strap is provided so that you do not have to hold the hook. It may look easier to hold the hook rather strapping it but it can easily get your fingers injured so always use the strap.

3. Never use a winch cable for towing purpose

If you use a cable winch for towing, it can easily get damaged. This is because of the sudden jerks that can result from towing a vehicle. You can even break the drum which is very expensive to get repaired.

4. Never wrap a cable to the tree

Never wrap the winch cable to a tree. If you do, the winch can break and damage the tree as well. If there is no other choice, make sure you pack a strap of 3 inches and use this to wrap around the tree.

Always read the instructions from the manual especially if you are using a winch for the first time.