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Importance of CCTV Footage in Traffic Accident Cases

CCTV footage plays an important role in Traffic accident investigation and helps you to receive the results. Vehicle inspection will be conducted, survey the damage and look for any possible mechanical faults or driving errors. 

Accident photography and video will be taken as part of an investigation into a collision that can be used as supporting evidence against your case should go to court, as well as helping to verify the essential elements of the accident. You can refer to https://cognitech.com/cognitech-trisuite-14/cognitech-video-investigator/ to get more information.


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Road accident investigation team will also take a detailed survey and to plan and implement the reconstruction of the accident mathematics to deduce where the angle of collision took place and how fast the two vehicles were travelling. 

This evidence will also be supported in a traffic accident investigation, if applicable, the analysis tachograph, a board device is generally mounted to the truck and the truck that records vehicle speed and the driver's actions, as well as micro-analysis or small scale chemical analysis. 

Traffic accident investigation team will collect and record all the minute details with a fine-tooth comb. In case of accident investigation confirms it as a legal case, they will provide a professional lawyer who will take you through every step of the investigation of the collision and will collect your case to court, whether civil or criminal. 

If necessary, you will be granted legal assistance to help with financial costs and will receive, constantly full support during the whole entire process.