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Adding a Heater To a Central Air Conditioner: Is It Worth It?

Many homeowners make the mistake of installing both a central air conditioner and a central heating system. But in the cold season a central air conditioner is not at all useful. Instead of buying two separate systems, you can opt for adding a heater to the already installed air conditioning system. These will allow you to heat the whole house and also protect the outside parts from the cold.

Adding a heater to the air conditioning system can be done in two ways: installing a stove next to the air conditioner and make the hot air circulate in the system, or add a heater directly to the unit. The second solution allows you to change between cold and hot air depending on your needs.

If you decide to add a heater to the air conditioner, you can call a specialist, for example one from LEGACY AIR, to do the wiring. Alternatively, you can try to do it yourself.

Heating units can be found in any air conditioner stores and they come with the kit for installation. Read the instructions in the installation manual carefully, but the steps are more or less these:

  • remove the outdoor unit’s cover to access the compressor;
  • release the tension screws of the resistance on both sides of the heating system, then attach the spring to the resistance. Mount and tighten it at about an inch above the compressor’s bottom;
  • lead the resistance wires to the connection box. Use cable ties to keep the wires away from the pipes of the compressor and the fan of the air conditioner;
  • connect the wires in the relevant points;
  • test the well-functioning of the wiring;
  • close the outdoor unit cover.

Following these steps you’ll soon be able to enjoy the benefits of a complete air conditioner-heating system.