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ISRAEL CITIES: Interesting Historical Facts


Jerusalem is without question the most well-known city in the land of Israel. Many people believe Jerusalem is the largest and most economically active city in the nation.

However, neither is entirely true. If you look, in terms of metro areas, Jerusalem has only one-third the population of metro Tel Aviv and Tel Aviv is the Finance Center of the nation. Jerusalem does not even have its' own airport; it relies on the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. You can browse https://michaeltours.com/product-tag/best-christian-tours-israel to know more about the christian tours of israel.

It is said that the valley in Jerusalem was a sign from God, forever leave his mark on the ground right in the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. The observations will be difficult at times before the satellite image as such, do not know whether the Hebrew Bible is (even) be aware of this in any way.

Jerusalem has a history of nearly 6,000 years in the deposition of the first and is one of the oldest and most continuously inhabited in the world. Jerusalem, despite being under siege on 23 separate occasions, captured and recaptured 44 different times, have, in the current knowledge, destroyed only twice!

Tel Aviv and Jaffa

The city of Tel Aviv, as we see today, was not founded until 1909, under the British. However, the neighboring city of Jaffa, now part of Tel Aviv metro, has been inhabited for more than 3500 years old and steeped in modern and ancient history.