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Why You Want Mulberry Silk Sheets

Maybe you have decided to buy yourself some new silk bed sheets because they have a reputation for being sultry. With all of the sleek smoothness they provide, they can't be anything else. Maybe you don't care if silk sheets are sultry or not. Maybe you just love the feel of real silk.

The best silk you can buy is Mulberry silk. This is the genuine silk that comes from only China. The mulberry silk worm is fed only mulberry leaves from a mulberry tree. This causes the worm to spin the finest cocoons, which in turns produces the finest silk.

There are many types of silk available, along with satin and sateen, but they are all different. Only 100% pure mulberry silk will give you the best feel and durability available. Do not be fooled by silk blends that will be much cheaper than the top quality mulberry silk.

All of the differences between mulberry silk and other fabrics can get a little confusing, especially when comparing the momme of silk to the thread count in other sheets. Momme is the way the weight of silk is measured, but it is much different than thread count. I visited http://bedspace.net/best-mulberry-silk-sheets/ and it cleared up a lot of things I didn't understand about the differences in mulberry silk and other materials.