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Picking The Right Dog Foods For Pitbulls

The best dog food for your bulldog will be something with good ingredients and also not too many fillers. The way you can tell if a dog food is good or not is by its ingredients.

Check what the first three ingredients are. Whether they are real food or not. Ingredients like chicken by-products, corn or anything like that are not helpful as main ingredients of dog foods when shopping for pitbulls. They need real meat and other supplements.

So what you want to do when you first look for a dog food is to check its ingredients out. If you have an American bulldog then you might also want to check the protein level out.

A protein level above 40 percent and crude fat level under 20 is great for American bulldogs. Ideally you may want to give preference to raw foods but that is not always possible due to people's busy lifestyles.

So going for an easy feed alternative to raw would be the next best thing you could do. The reason why certain alternatives to raw foods are ideal is because of their ingredients. Their ingredients are very natural and the ingredients are real food.

You may want to check out the website, Best Dog Foods For Pitbulls – Diets Can Extend the Life Of Your Pit Bull, for further details on picking the right pitbull foods and supplements.