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Is Clickbank University Worth The Money?

Although there are already a great many long and detailed Clickbank University reviews on the Internet, I intend to use this short blog post to talk about CBU and why it might be worth the cost of membership.

Clickbank University was founded about five years ago by a pair of successful affiliate marketers, who had moved on to product creation and other online businesses after their initial success as affiliates.  They managed to get Clickbank, the leading affiliate network that’s been around for about 20 years, to support their project and what was set up ultimately became the “Clickbank University”.

It’s one of the most popular resources for those who are interested in setting up as affiliates or internet marketers, and it comes with some impressive features – including forum access, support and most importantly two core courses.  The courses are about affiliate marketing and product creation, and each one takes about six to eight weeks to complete, although you can do it in your own time.  Membership, in it’s most basic form, to Clickbank University costs $47 – but you can pay extra for additional tools.

If you have the money to invest and are looking to learn about or get involved with affiliate marketing, Clickbank University is one of the best places to start.  It’s better value for money (and cheaper) than Wealthy Affiliate and it comes with an eight week money back guarantee too.

Why I Keep Coming Back For Tokyo Ghouls

What is the Tokyo Ghoul Manga about? Super power "ghouls" (a term that will be explained later) in a city and killing humans every night for food. Every body is concerned about finding them and protect the citizen, only to find themselves powerless. Then a young and unripe guy unintentionally steps on the boundaries between this world of the prey and the other world of the predator. Such a great set up, right?

In the last year, the Tokyo Ghoul anime made its debut a powerful bomb with a great job on building the fantasy of the modern world, where the ones we fear live alongside, or even among us. There was a lot of action, which you will know if you have read the Read Tokyo Ghoul Manga, but the anime focused on the driving forces of the storyline instead. We learn about how the police who was supposed to kepe the security of the world and make its people at ease react to the super humans who have this seemingly bad intention of killing people. We also learn about a lot of lifestyles (of ghouls, of course) and the philosophy that lead us along. 

These things are great, but in this era of great mangas and animes, it is not the greatest. However, the thing that keeps the readers coming back for more must be the epic cliff hanger. The first part of the series ended in a big battle, and the same goes for the anime. Nothing has been solved, no one has found the light, and I could not believe my eyes seeing the "End" next to the name of the chapter. It is only several months later that we know there is a second series incoming. What a relief, and what a smart guy the author is, he knows how to continue some good 400-ish chapters without boring its readers.