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4 Easy Ways to Prepare and Cook Prawns

With Seafood, it’s easier to tell when the dish is undercooked. So, one must always be delicate to detail. Meanwhile, having to ingest the undone dish will subject to a number of diseases that can have the weak-stomached never look forward to the thought of Seafood. To prevent that, given below are ways through which one can have prawns made easily:

Courtesy: HungryForever

1. Getting started with – prepping the prawns

First, you have to clean the prawns so they’re easier to eat and wasted to the least. The areas to be removed are: head, legs and the shell. The vein is also pulled out to remove bitterness. Once that’s all done, rinse the prawn under cold water.

2. Pan-fry

Pan-frying is accessible and has quicker results, much suitable in an entrée. First you prepare the base for the pan by some aromatics. Then add the prawns followed by seasonings for its outer-coating and flip until the sides are pink.

3. Boil

Time-consuming it may be, the wait is definitely worth it. Add the same seasoning to the boiled water. Once the prawns are added, lower the heat. When you take them out, place them in a bowl of ice. This serves as an appetizer, followed by any dipping sauce.

4. Grill

Another method is grilling. You pre-heat the grill to full. Skew the prawns and place them on the grill, coated in oil. Turn when either side is pink. Season the prawns once they’re done to give them a more prominent flavor.

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