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Finding and Embracing Hope in Christ, During Christmas

Poetry expresses sentiments with the skillful artistry of a word craftsman. That same skill can be used to inspire people of the true meaning of Christmas. Here are a few suggestions on how to write a Christmas poem.

Idea One

Religious poems can be written as a prayer. With this type of poem, don't worry about rhyming. Learn 'prayers for Christmas eve' (also known as 'oraciones para la vspera de navidad' in the Spanish language) through well-known blogs.  

The important aspect is stressing the importance of Christmas, Christ's birth and how God became man to break the bondage of sin.

Do try to write your prayer poem with a natural rhythm or cadence. At the end of the prayer, add God's plan of his gift of salvation with a word of thanks and then you can end it with, "Amen".

Idea Two

Religious poems don't have to be serious and solemn. They can also be funny and lighthearted. This type of work usually sounds better if written with rhyming words.

Pay close attention to the rhythm each line possesses. Every line should have the same amount of beats. The lines should be around the same length and flow smoothly.

One thing which causes a humorous poem to stand out away from other poems is that it incorporates the literary device, irony. Irony tends to make the contrast between an actual result of events and what the audience expects.

Idea Three

Write a ballad. Study the Bible and the incidences surrounding the birth of Jesus. Identify the element of Christmas or the theme you want to include in the poem. Write a list of important words you want to use throughout the poem. Use plenty of action verbs and vivid description words to convey the message.