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How to Slow Traffic?

In addition to greater traffic congestion, most drivers are more distracted now due to using electronic devices like cell phones. Some drivers text or send an email while driving and this is unsafe. According to a major insurance company in the United States, drivers who use cell phones while driving are four times more likely to have an auto accident. Also, drivers who use cell phones have 30% reduced brain activity.

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Gateway Treatment

Because drivers are more distracted while in greater traffic congestion, it is important to use multiple ways to get their attention. Some highways are overloaded and devices must be found to redirect or slow traffic. Traffic calming schemes are needed in almost all areas of traffic. From the smallest city to large urban areas, more cars and trucks on the highway mean more planning is needed to slow and redirect traffic.

Some traffic calming techniques are used to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and to improve the residential environment. Other reasons include noise reduction and reducing air pollution which results from the exhaust from the vehicles.

Visual changes to roads help slow traffic. Ceramic road reflectors are an attractive way to mark any paved surface. The ceramic reflectors that adhere to the road surface are easily seen by day and night and are easily installed.