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Whitsundays – Islands In The Sun

One of the most important tourist attractions in Australia is the Whitsunday Islands. These Islands are located in central coast at the middle of the Great Barrier Reef heritage site. The beaches and the weather of the Whitsunday Islands draw major attention of tourist.

The place has quite an extensive infrastructure. In east coast of Australia Whitsunday Islands are made up of ninety islands. These islands also have tourist resorts. You can even book now for your sailing Whitsundays tour.

Great Barrier Reef is a natural wonder where you will find all kinds of sea life. You can take a scuba tour to experience reef in the best way. If you do not want to get into water then you can simply take a boat to see the great view.

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The closest mainland town to the Whitsundays is Airlie Beach. You will easily find accommodation to stay here along with restaurants.

Great Barrier Reef is considered as vulnerable ecosystem. You need to follow a few rules when you visit the reef.

Some people prefer to go Whitsunday Islands in the summertime so that they can enjoy the beaches.  You can visit Whitsunday Islands from any of the major cities on the east coast. Flights are easily available to this island. There are lots of companies that offer island cruises. You can visit several islands via such cruises.