Features Of A Good Quality Office Chair

In case you have been spending eight or more hours per day sitting on an uncomfortable office chair, the chances are that your spine and other body parts are affected badly. Your physical wellbeing can be significantly put at risk if you are sitting for extended periods at a seat that isn't ergonomically designed.

A poorly designed seat/chair can result in a whole host of ailments such as bad posture, fatigue, back pain, arm pain, knee pain, neck pain, and leg pain. You may buy a uniquely designed Eames office chair reproduction at https://www.modterior.com/eames-office-chair-replica.html.

Listed below are the very best features of the most comfortable office chairs.

Ardor Office Chair


A backrest may be combined or separate from the chair. If the backrest is separate from the chair, it has to be elastic. You also need to have the ability to make alterations to its angle and elevation. The elevation adjustment offers support for the lumbar part of your lower spine.

Chair height

The chair’s height needs to be readily adjustable; it ought to have a pneumatic adjustment lever. A good quality office chair needs to have a height of 16-21 inches from the ground. Such height will not only permit you to keep your thighs parallel to the ground but also keep your feet flat on the ground.

Armrest benefits

Armrests decrease pressure in your lower back. It will be even better if they've adjustable height & width to help encourage several tasks like writing and reading. This can help alleviate shoulder and neck tension and stop carpal-tunnel syndrome.