Hope After A Cancer Diagnosis

Living with cancer and managing its often debilitating repercussions, solicits empathy. Depression, anxiety about the outcome, fear of the future and realization of dying soon can make a hell on earth for a cancer patient. 

However, despite the massive pain of testing positively in cancer diagnosis, a patient must make efforts to gain more knowledge about the condition, use this knowledge to conquer it and ultimately regain control over his or her life.

Re-establishing the personal autonomy begins with accepting total responsibility for an individual's physical, mental and emotional sobriety or well-being. A patient's attitude towards cancer determines how his or her significant others like friends, family members and colleagues, react. Taking charge of one's destiny despite testing positive in a cancer screen resurrects hope and most times life, for the patient.

This will make it easy to identify behaviours and habits that must be changed so as to manage, control and ultimately overcome a cancer diagnosis development. When a person discovers that they have cancer, he or she goes through a process of accepting the permanent change to his or her outlook to life and must, therefore, try to identify new goals, passions and purposes befitting the new perspective to living. 

The key is to nurture a deviant will to live despite the enormous personal challenge especially after a cancer diagnosis, treatment begins and life seems to only constitute of trips to the hospital.

To build hope and inculcate enduring persistence, the patient must try to live in the very present, fully accepting that the past can't ever be changed. This enables a patient to know that he or she has the capacity to critically influence and determine the quality of tomorrow, despite the cancer diagnosis. 

It is essential to accept the problem but then attempts with all they have to solve it through personalized introspection, firm understanding and unselfish sharing. This calls for the cancer patients to set ambitious but reasonable and achievable personal goals that signify their determination to conquer cancer because after all, cancer is a curable disease.

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