How To Propagate Cannabis Plants?

Knowing the parts of the cannabis plant is necessary for the multiplication of cannabis plants. Propagation refers to the process of using plants to make new plants. In general, cannabis farmers do this in two ways:

1. Cloning: Cloning is a popular method because it allows you to get some baby plants from mature plants without buying seeds or going through a long process to germinate, plant, and grow weeds from seeds.  You can also buy exotic strains and genetics online.

To clone a cannabis plant carefully cut branches directly in the knots. From there, place the pieces in a growth medium that is usually suspended in water or placed in a stopper. If the cut is rooted, you can plant it in a bigger pot or soil, depending on where you plant it.

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2. Seed: Growing from seed requires a fresh start and is ideal for novice farmers, farmers who want to produce new species or varieties of what they have planted, and farmers who do not have the crops they want to repeat correctly.

To grow weeds from seeds, place the seeds in an initial medium such as stone grains or peat and keep them moist until they germinate. As sprouts develop leaves and roots, it will need more and more light.

If a decent little root ball has formed, transplant baby cannabis plants into a bigger pot or soil and continue to feed, water, and aerate them until the weeds are ripe.

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