Importance Of Solar Pool Covers

The conventional solar coatings are range from the thinnest 200-micron materials which is commonly used for spray coatings to 400 microns and even 500 microns.

The available color ranges are from simple blue to reflective blue, black, and hot at the top and silver at the bottom. The silver floor covering keeps heat in water more efficient because it is reflected back into the water and does not disappear into the air through convection.

This new type of fabric will be available online. This substance is produced by Plastipack after 5 years of intensive and geobubble research. Geobubble was developed with the help of two leading universities and corrected the weaknesses of traditional balloons. You can also buy pool enclosures made in Canada & retractable pool covers.

A new bubble shape has been developed so that all the edges are rounded. Conventional bubbles have sharp edges and corners, and plastic in this area is thin.

Without thin spots and versatile edges, new bubbles can be estimated to last at least 25% longer. With the new Geobubble, bubbles are 50% thicker at traditional weak points. The new Geobubble is available as Platinum +, which reflects silver, and as a transparent SolGuard, which maximizes solar profit.

At the same time, it increases water temperature up to 8 ° C and reduces the waste load. Sun visor consists of a heavy "bubble wrap" mode. It differs from typical bubble wrap because it is denser and contains chemical inhibitors that slow down UV damage and chlorine attack.

Protect Your Pool With Pool Covers

A pool is a water-based recreation. This is a place of relaxation where you can spend private moments with family and friends. The automatic pool blanket  is the most important thing. It is made up of polycarbonate and aluminium. 

You can stay relaxed without worrying about your children and pets. the accidental drowning of your children can be prevented. 

pool covers

Sanitation of water plays an important role because it is necessary to maintain standards. The water must maintain low levels of bacteria and viruses to prevent the spread of disease. Bacteria, algae and insect larvae will enter if not properly protected. 

Pumps are commonly used for cleaning disinfectant. Chemical disinfectants such as chlorine, bromine and ozone can cause damage to it. It may appear green with the excessive use of the oxidized copper compound. So this is the best way of protection. Pool covers cage to deal with varieties such as High enclosure, medium / low cages and enclosures. 

The solar pool covers helps to keep the heat at night and warm pool all day. This guarantees your privacy is a whole new concept of relaxed. It's made of aluminium and polycarbonate profile. This can either manually, semi-automatically or automatically operated. One can fold it and stored in an offsite location. Semi-automatic has a motor-driven reels system. Mounted reels that automatically have to reveal the water with a push button.

It is the safest, fines and the easiest way to save your family throughout the year. There are some benefits to it.

  • It helps the water to stay cool. 
  • Heating costs can be reduced significantly by using a cage. 
  • Reduce the number of chemicals require water. 

So enjoy to the fullest without worrying.