Use a Smartphone As Your Front Door Key

Your smartphone is smart enough to open the front door of your house. You use your smartphone for doing various day to day activities like turning an AC on or off, Switching on the television, and many more. You just need to install an application on your phone and your work is done.

Now you can also open the door of your home with the help of smartphones. With the help of Bluetooth door locks, you can open your home door with your home. Bluetooth door lock for sale via Keyless entry systems are available in the market. You can select one as per your needs and budget.

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To open your front door with your phone you need two things:

– Your Phone

– Bluetooth Connection

Once you have the above two items then it will work very similar to the way a new car work with Bluetooth communications. When you get within range of door and phone, the authentication will take place and the door will open. 

Electronic door locks will record the date and time of the entry. With bluetooth door locks:

– Everything can be integrated into a home automation system.

– You can program the system to turn up the AC, turn on or off the lights.

– If you have a garage that can be opened with it when you are 50 yards away from your home.

– When it senses that your vehicle is fully in the garage, it will close the garage door automatically.

– It provides a complete access control system for your home.